Gábor Nagy Photography travel and landscape photographer profile picture

Gábor is a freelance photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. He’s a Sony Alpha Ambassador.

Probably because there isn’t any big mountains in Hungary, his love for the alpine landscape must have been formed at an early age. The hikes and climbs got a new meaning when he started to bring a camera to these trips. Now he’s most alive in autumn and winter searching for the small subtle shift of the colours, how the weather and seasons effect the landscape. He’s specialised in arctic regions like Iceland and Norway, and in the high mountains like The Dolomites, the Austrian, German, Slovenian Alps and the High Tatras.

His minimalistic approach has come from his musical background and attracted a widespread global audience on Instagram.

Client List

Gábor has worked on assignments with clients such as Maserati, Sony, Nissan, Smartwater, Sixt, Volcano Huts Thórsmörk, ÍSAK, Hertz Sverige, Blue Car Rental, Tröll Expeditions, Lagoon Car Rental, tourism board of Gesäuse National Park, fashion brands like VuuV and WANDRD, as well as luxury hotels like 1477 Reichhalter, Schwarzschmied, Naturhotel Lüsnerhof and Hattvika Lodge.

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